That’s a wrap!

After a whirlwind 4 weekends of recording, we are done tracking.

A quick run down of how the weekends played out –

Rhythm Section 23rd June

First up was rhythm section. After a rough start, we eventually got running and Sam Maguire, Rohan Seekers and Andy Doo put down some foundations for the album, and absolutely gave life to it in the early stages. It is amazing approaching composition knowing that musicians like these guys will be approaching it, because they add so much and shape the music at a pretty early and tricky stage. Thanks to the guys at Alchemix studios for having us. Unfortunately I didn’t take many photos on the day so pictured is a wild Andy Doo, and at the top is mid drum take and Sam Hogg, mid edit. Thanks also to Caleb Colledge on the sound check duties, helping us hit the ground running.

Harp Session 30th June

Next up, Loni Fitzpatrick at Dan Kassulke Studios, Albion. We had a productive and efficient session powered by coffee and pizza. Loni was under tight pressure to get back down to a gig at the Logies on the Gold Coast, but we made great time and she smashed out all the parts. Loni absolutely nailed the parts, and it really takes this record to another place having her add her sound to the record.

Strings session 6th July

We were then booked into the UQ Nickson room for our strings tracking session. The string section on the record is Flora Wong, Dan Curro, Julianna Kim and Samuel Andrews. We spent a solid 6 hours on the session, recording all takes with the promise of beer at Scratch Bar at the end of the rehearsal. We It was an absolute privilege working with this group of musicians in a space as resonant as the UQ Nickson room, and the takes are already sounding incredible.

Winds session 7th July

The final session of the recordings were the winds. On the session was Matt Luff, Brodie McAllister, Daniel Grima and Jack Lundie-Jenkins. Again, we recorded at UQ’s Nickson room, and as a player this time, it was fun being part of the action finally. With the challenge being set by the string section the previous day, we were able to knock out takes slightly under time and get through the recording process (with the assistance of Brewbaker’s Sourdough Doughnuts), and add the final recorded piece to the LCO puzzle.

The Engineers:

Finally these guys – Dan Kassulke and Sam Hogg. The legends who were the recording engineers on all the sessions. They were a pleasure to work with, and the record is already sounding killer!

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